Challenge: Retail renovation

Goals: Optimization of the store

Equipment: Deep-Learning based AI-PixelPro Cameras and AI BOX



Retail has always been in a competitive situation. In addition, for a while now, online retail has been claiming market share. Therefore, it is important to provide innovation and optimization so that the experience of shopping locally leaves a positive impression.

To this end, every store provides a wealth of information. However, this information must be collected and evaluated in a targeted manner. In detail, these are facts on:

        • Number of prospective customers
        • Dwell time
        • Clientele
        • Utilization

heatmap ganz retailComprehensive support is provided by the video surveillance system paired with intelligence: AI cameras and AI BOX. Thanks to the numerous functions such as counting, gender recognition and heat map, metadata can be collected that serve as the basis for optimizing a store. This makes it possible, for example, to identify which areas are particularly interesting or which are avoided by visitors. Adjusting the layout of shelves and merchandise on display can correct this and have a positive impact.

This data can also be used to improve staff planning, for example to ensure that there are enough staff on site at peak times.

Last but not least, video surveillance always serves to prevent and contain theft.

In the interaction of the AI components with the CORTROL software solution, this control and evaluation is possible. Of course, this also includes recording according to schedule. Thanks to hardware and software "from a single source", the interaction and configuration are perfectly coordinated.

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