The intelligent extension for almost every camera system.
CORTROL three screens

No calibration required

Easy configuration and quick system start-up.

Immediate and precise recognition

Thanks to the numerous algorithms for deep learning and analysis with which it is equipped, the AI-BOX is able to recognize the detected objects precisely and immediately and classify them: People, vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles...

Advantages of video analysis

Video analysis is largely immune to disturbances and atmospheric events (rain, snow, image vibrations).

ONVIF & RTSP compliant

Compatible with Onvif and RTSP protocols, for using images from any camera and NVR.


CORTROL icon intuitive user friendly CORTROL icon complete system CORTROL icon enterprise ready CORTROL icon time proven performance
Detection of multiple objects with classifications without calibration
Creation of various zones
Penetration, lingering, stopping and lines
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