Challenge: Targeted Remote Monitoringcctv control room

Goals: Structured Alerts, Reports and Actions

Equipment: Deep-Learning based AI-PixelPro Cameras and AI BOX

Integration: CORTROL VMS, Sureview ImmiX, PixelMaster


Remote monitoring is more than just aggregating alerts. Our solutions are based on the approach of intelligently collecting and processing information and making it available to the user in a compact form. This is achieved through the possibilities offered by our systems. These include, in particular, the deep-learning-based cameras of the PixelPro series and the AI BOX. Together, these feature intelligent algorithms that evaluate and filter information. These include, for example, the following AI events:

  • Intrusion

  • Occupancy

  • Loitering

  • Stopping

  • Enter / Exit

  • Line Crossing

  • Face Recognition


See the AI BOX in Action:

Registration of numerous persons


Not allowed to stay

Illegal parking

Direction recognition

Dwell & Enter

Person detection at night

Counting of vehicles

Behavioural Recognition

Heatmap in Store

Detection of fallen person



In addition, the systems provide information about their status, which helps to ensure smooth operation and can also trigger event messages:

  • Video Loss

  • Alarm In

  • Heart-Beat

  • Changed Arm/Disarm Status

  • Device Rebooting

  • Login failed

remote monitoring structure aibox nvr dvr


All video images, alarm messages and events must then be brought together in order to make decisions based on them. Our Pixelmaster series NVRs record these accordingly as seen in the image on the right. Straight-forward design leads to optimized results and easy set-up.

A more advanced solution is the use of our CORTROL VMS. This professional software supports the processing of individual messages and ensures the best possible overview, even in delicate situations.
Find more information on CORTROL on the dedicated website

With the integration into Sureview ImmiX, the processing of all information as well as the coordination of forces succeeds almost by itself. A straightforward flow of information, targeted reports and evaluations allow an appropriate response to any situation. The best possible overview of the overall situation is provided, as is the density of information, which is reduced to the essentials.

Effectiveness is the key to successful remote monitoring, and this is given at all system levels. Contact us for any further questions and comprehensive advice via our contact form.