At this point we would like to present you some case studies and references in which, besides the great know-how of the companies involved, GANZ hardware and software play a central role. Due to our powerful artificial intelligence, which is included in more and more innovations, the field of application is expanding further and further from classic video surveillance to a multi-tool for monitoring, access control, marketing and optimization.
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 bkcs web

Intelligent Around Counter analysis integrates GANZ AI BOX for people counting and business intelligence.

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 Conadcs web Integrate your video surveillance system with GANZ AI BOX for safe shopping.

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Cyprus although a small island in the Mediterranean,holds great significance in recent times.
The district Courts building is located in the judicialcomplex sharing location with the Supreme Courts
and Courts of first instance very close to the city center.

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 towncs On Cyprus, north of the City Centre of Nicosia, the Department of Town Planning and Housing (DTPH) has
its home. The DTPH is a government department under the Ministry of the Interior, and its main scope of
operation concerns urban and spatial planning.

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 yorkcs web York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust provides a comprehensive range of acute Hospital and specialist
healthcare services for approximately 800,000 people living in and around York and North Yorkshire - an area
covering 3,400 square miles.

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