Challenge: Targeted Site Monitoring

Goals: Reduce False Alarms - Quick Event Reaction

Equipment: Deep-Learning based AI-PixelPro Cameras and AI BOX

Integration: System-Based


Not only the finished bulding need security: During construction or renovation, protection of the area and materials is essential. In contrast to an office building that is sometimes busy on weekends or a hotel complex that is always busy, a construction site is usually deserted at certain times of the day. This makes reliable, continuous guarding all the more important.

In the event of an alarm, a site visit may be necessary. Thus, especially at such locations, it is important to reduce false alarms to a minimum in order to avoid costly field operations. This cannot be achieved with simple motion detection. Therefore, companies rely on the intelligent algorithms of the AI BOX. For example, the AI BOX can distinguish whether the movement originated from an animal or a human. Likewise, vehicles can also be classified. Zones can be set up quickly in which a control is to take place at all. This means, for example, that areas outside the construction site are ignored.

construction site change Change of Layout needs new configuration: Easily done with AI BOX
Since monitoring systems on a construction site often change position and are used flexibly, it is important that the configuration can be adapted easily and quickly. The AI BOX does not require any calibration: a great advantage, especially for the application mentioned here. In addition, the entire configuration is designed intuitively, so that a quick adaptation is also guaranteed here.
The AI BOX's sophisticated detection capabilities are truly impressive even under difficult conditions, such as adverse weather conditions or at night. But even then, you can rely on the AI BOX to play to its strengths and always perform well.

More information about the AI BOX and videos can be found here.